So, this past weekend you would have thought I drank a pot of coffee.
I think it was a combination of getting to sleep in until past 9:00 (thanks so very much to an awesome husband!) and nesting kicking in BIG time.

I spent most of Friday cleaning out closets, clothing tubs in the basement, and drawers–I’m talking so much cleaning out that my husband was begging me to sit down before I either went into labor or put myself out of commission for the next few days.

photo (80)

My friend, Shannon, had recently told me about her latest purging obsession and how she was sending clothes into thredUP. Here’s the great thing about thredUP: they send you a bag (no charge to you), you fill it up with your unwanted clothing items, and you ship it back to them (postage has already been paid by them). They then go through your bag and give you credit on their website for items you sent in which, in turn, you can shop for new-to-you clothing items in their shop! Women’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, handbags–hello, free shopping trip!

And the best part? I can do this guilt-free. I’m really awful about hanging onto things because “What if we need it?” or “____________ gave it to me! I can’t throw it out!” But this way, I can either get some $ for it or they give it away to a charity for me. Problem solved.

Guess what? You can get an automatic $10.00 credit JUST for signing up with thredUP!

Follow this link to get your $10.00 credit!

And let the closet purging begin!