With Baby #5 due in July, there are only a few things we’re going to need this time around for our newest little one.

Clothes?  Nope.  Our basement is overflowing with tubs of clothes for each gender/size.

Warm cuddly blankets?  They always SOUND like a grand idea, however, I’m up to my neck in them.

Stroller?  Nope.  Ours is still standing and in good shape, and the other kids can walk or ride their bikes depending on where we are.

Crib?  Nope.  The one my father-in-law MADE for P back in 2006 is still beautiful and holding up well.

So, let’s chat for a moment about what we WILL need this time around.

1.)  LIGHT-weight blankets.  Three of my kids are born in the fall/winter season, but B was born in June.  I had no idea how to deal with a summer baby.  Not bundling him up before leaving the house?  WHAT IS THIS CRAZINESS?!  My mom came to the rescue with some Aden + Anais lightweight summer blankets for the little guy.  They are HUGE, they’re a perfect weight for summer, and I love the prints.

2.)  A new glider/rocker…thing.  When we were expecting P, we received a LOT of gift cards to Babies-r-Us, and we pooled the gift cards and some of our own money (which we didn’t have much at the time) to buy a rocker.  It was the least expensive on the floor, and it wasn’t of the highest quality, but we had to do what we had to do.  The rocker was AWESOME for post c-section.  When sitting down and getting up after a c-section, it requires a lot of arm strength so as not to use your freshly sliced open abdominal muscles.  The rocker worked well.  After B was born, the rocker was beginning to fall apart.  Let’s just say that one fateful day, when my husband was sitting in it, the rocker died a very quick and horrible death.  A new rocker is a definite must after for after this baby is born.  What I’m specifically looking for this time:  a good quality piece of furniture that will last, and the little tiny step stool that the lactation office used with their rockers.  It was SO comfortable and didn’t require propping your feet up on anything high–or having your children use it as a toy.  Apparently it’s called the Medela Nursing Stool.  Oh, Medela–I love everything you make.


3.)  A new carseat.  Ours lasted through four kids, and it died a slow and painful death.  It was probably expired anyways, so it was time to get a new one.  I don’t know why, but I totally get excited looking for new carseats.  I’ll take any recommendations.

4.)  A new diaper bag.  Ahhhhh–the diaper bag.  So, I’ve went through a few of these, and apparently I’m not alone due to the reviews I’ve been reading on Amazon.  I even tried making my own–customized for my needs.  Due to my rockstar sewing skills, it was slightly big and, um, slightly long.  I felt like I should have been throwing newspapers with it.  SO.  Then my mom got me this awesome “gardening bag” from Cracker Barrel–and it was working out wonderfully until SOMETHING spilled on it or in it, and we didn’t realize it was the diaper bag that made our entire car smell until I looked inside and saw…mold growing on everything.  I gagged a few times (okay, a LOT of times), dry heaved a little bit, and then threw the entire thing away.  Whatever was in there was not worth the time, effort, or my sanity.  (Interesting fact:  the car suddenly didn’t smell after that).  So, what am I looking for in a diaper bag?

-Pockets.  Lots ‘o pockets.

-Space.  I don’t want it so deep that everything gets lost in the bottom.  I’d rather it be more wide than deep.

-Durability.  This thing needs to stand up to spills (it’s inevitable–no matter how hard I try NOT to let the sippy cup leak in it) and being transported from the car to other locations.

-Nice design.  There are some bags out there that kind of make me cringe, and there are some that I would never know were diaper bags.  I’m leaning toward the latter.

After looking at a LOT of bags and pinning quite a few, I’ve narrowed down my choices, and this one is looking like the frontrunner:


The SkipHop Studio Diaper Tote Bag boasts 14 pockets, it’s big enough to carry a laptop (you know me–working mom and all), and the reviews I have read have all been pretty darn good.  It also apparently clips to the stroller beautifully, and while I’ve always just tried to shove the diaper bag below in the little basket part below the stroller, I’m thinking this feature could be a beautiful thing.


And that’s it!  Those are the essentials we will be purchasing for Baby #5.

What are some of YOUR favorite baby essentials?