Happy Epiphany!

For those in the dark, Epiphany is the day we celebrate the three kings arriving to bring gifts for the Christ child.

Our day was supposed to consist of going to Mass and then heading to the Epiphany party after Mass our church has every year.

Guess what?

When your household has the flu, ear infections, pinkeye, and strep, an Epiphany party is not in the cards.  Neither was Mass for 1/2 of us.  Look at me, I just worked with fractions without getting a headache.  Next up:  calculus.

I hope you all had a great day!

In the past 24 hours, I have watched four–that’s right–FOUR romantic comedies on Netflix.  It’s the only time I can watch things I would never DUH-REAM of making the husband watch after the kids are in bed.

I am in no way endorsing these movies or suggesting you watch them.  That is my “don’t even THINK about leaving a nasty comment in the comments section because these movies go against every moral fiber of your being” disclaimer.

“Failure to Launch.”  While I think Matthew McConaughey is a dirty hippie, I also enjoy pretty much every movie he’s been in.  Although, he seems to continue to play the same ladies-man-type-character.  Anyways, I’m not a huge Sarah Jessica Parker fan at all, but I have to say:  she wasn’t so bad in the movie.  And, although it had almost cartoonish humor, it made me laugh a lot, and I enjoyed it.

NEXT!  “No Strings Attached.”  While the whole basis of the movie is absolutely awful, I have to say:  they ended it with a good point.  “Relationships” built on one thing and one thing alone don’t work.

“Morning Glory” starring Rachel McAdams.  Netflix kept suggesting it to me, and I LOVE Rachel McAdams in pretty much any movie, so I gave it a shot.  It was actually very cute, and not really a romantic comedy so much a dramedy about a woman who is trying to make it as an executive producer at a failing morning news/talk show.  It also has Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford in it–yeah.

And finally tonight:  “The Rebound” starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha–who, weirdly enough, was also in “Failure to Launch.”  I now want to watch every movie he has ever acted in because he is quite charming in both of those films.  It was not my favorite, and I even thought about turning it off halfway through the movie.  I also thought it ended abruptly.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that watching four romantic comedies in a 24 hour period will not make your brain turn to mush as I previously though.

I am going so crazy lying in bed that I’ve even considered staring “The Walking Dead.”  But I’m too much of a weenie to watch it by myself.

And then there is Pinterest.

Oh, women, what did we do when we had the flu before PINTEREST?!

Sometimes I read stuff like this on Pinterest, and I’m nearly pulling my hair out at the end of the post and going, “But…but…what?!  How?  What?!”  This coming from a person who did her grocery shopping last week and surely did NOT only spend $200.00/mo. on groceries.  And then I think, “Oh, wait.  Families who eat this cheap eat a lot of carbs–something I’m only letting happen at dinner due to how crazy it makes our 4 year-old.”  Pasta, bread, rice, potatoes–all very filling, all very cheap, and all very unhealthy.  So, it makes me feel a LITTLE bit better that my grocery budget isn’t even close to this lady’s when I see waffles for breakfast.  I am, however, so happy to see that’s workin’ for her family.  And I like her blog.

And then I read this post.  And I am LOVING the idea about putting veggie scraps into a bag in the freezer to make stock.  How many times I’ve throw away the ends of carrots or celery when I could have KEPT them to make stock.  I feel like such a wasteful fool, yo!  I have an aunt–I believe I’ve talked about Aunt Running Cloud before (the one who thinks we’re really 100% Cherokee Indian, but we’re more French and Irish in reality?).  Anyways–she used to throw stuff in a bag in the freezer as well.  For “Stew Night.”  My dad (it’s his sister) said the contents of the bag were…scary.  I like the veggie scrap idea the best.

Intermission.  Guess what?  I just looked in the mirror and realized I, too, now have pinkeye.  UP TOP, EVERYONE!  HIGH-FIVE!

Then there was the Cupcake Pin.  If you feel overwhelmed, I KNOW.  LASAGNA CUPCAKES?!  Where you take little circle cutters and cut circles out of lasagna noodles and stack it in cupcake holders with lasagna filling and cheese–OH.  MY.  GOSH.  I know.  It makes me want to have an adorable dinner party tomorrow with wine and lasagna cupcakes.  Door prize?  Pinkeye.  Thanks for coming.

Hey, speaking of incredibly unhealthy things (that I was talking about five minutes ago), I was given a bag of this goo at my job in Michigan right after we got married.  You know–the job where people threw chairs at me and attacked pregnant women on buses–simply because they were pregnant.  Good times.  Anyways, the bag of goo was taken home, and I carefully followed the instructions until the magical day where I realized that I kept something alive AND could eat it!  Amish Friendship Bread–it’ll drain your bank account on milk alone, but it is so fuh-reakin’ good.  True story.  And I like that the lady had 20 loaves or something in her freezer, but I have a few questions.  1.)  How did you not eat it all in one setting?  2.)  How did you afford the milk to make this?  3.)  How did you not eat it all in one setting?!

Tonight I made chicken noodle soup.  With a 101.4 degree fever according to our fun thermometer that just rolls right over your forehead before promptly telling you that you’re a miserable pathetic being.  So, I made the soup while feeling awful.  And then I ate two bowls.

And I don’t know what’s worse:  having a 101.4 degree fever or NOT BEING ABLE TO TASTE THE FREAKIN’ SOUP YOU JUST MADE.  And I love chicken noodle soup.  It’s my favorite “won’t-tear-up-your-stomach-and-make-you-hate-yourself-soup-but-is-oh-so-dang-good” soup.  Because, clearly, that award goes to “Taco Soup.”

Hey, funny story about Taco Soup.  Once, our former priest (who is from Germany) was coming over for dinner and I asked him what he wanted to eat.  He asked if I would make a “starter course” of soup.  When he said “starter course,” that’s when I really knew I needed to bump up my dinner game plan as I just had “make food” written on my to-do list.  Anyways, so knowing that he has very European tastes, I said very seriously into the phone, “So, my favorite soup is Taco Soup…”  There was a deafening silence, and I tried so hard not to laugh before saying, “JUST KIDDING!”  I think I may have given him a mini-coronary.  I think when he comes over now and hears me say that we’ll be having soup, his clerical collar starts feeling a tad too tight.

Anyways, chicken noodle soup.  I’m told it was delicious.  I used lasagna noodles for noodles because the only remaining energy I had left was going to be used to EAT the soup and not make noodles from scratch like I normally would.  So, I broke up lasagna noodles into small pieces to put in the soup.  Guess who has two thumbs and totally sliced her finger on lasagna noodles?  This girl.

I’m told the soup was good.  I was so depressed that I couldn’t taste it OR the smoothies I made to go with it.

My husband asked before bed tonight if I would need him to stay home tomorrow.  I said yes.  He promptly passed out at 9:30 p.m. to prepare for his day tomorrow–complete with homeschooling!  Meanwhile, my biggest concern for tomorrow is what crappy movie I’ll watch on Netflix while blowing my nose…

And our 2 year-old seems to have gained an entirely new personality in the past two weeks (Christmas present I wasn’t aware of, maybe?) and this personality is called, “I’M ADORABLE AND HILARIOUS!” Today she brought me her sippy cup (which had water in it before she drank it all) and said, “Um, how about some orange juice now, Mommy?”

I was like, “Woman–since when can you speak more than three words at a time?!  And when did you get so grown up?!”

And she was like,”Woman.  Get me my orange juice.”

Just kidding.  She didn’t say that.  She licked my pajama pant leg and took of running while giggling uncontrollably.  She’s so weird.  She’s still my favorite daughter.

Well, perhaps the four hour nap I took until 5:00 this evening wasn’t the best idea since it’s almost midnight, and I’m still bright-pink-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Yes.  I’m a squirrel with pinkeye–BE JEALOUS!

It’s the fever talking…