Today the temperature is supposed to reach 75 degrees.

Tomorrow, it’s expected to be at 84.

The next day?  48 degrees.

I freakin’ LOVE the Midwest–I really do.


Anyways, I’m sure you can imagine what’s on my mind with all of these unusually warm temperatures:


And why am I thinking about Christmas in late October?  I’ll tell you:

I have four more photo shoots to go, Halloween, an All Saint’s Day Party to get through, Thanksgiving, a wedding to photograph, P’s party to pull off in the beginning of December, and a Gaudete Sunday Bake Sale before Christmas hits.

I’m running out of time/weekends because I try to make something every year for the kids to go with their gifts.

Here’s what’s on tap for this year:

P–I have absolutely no idea.  The kid is going to be 6, and I’m just not sure what homemade gift I could give him that he would dig.  I feel so guilty that, as a mom who is with them all the time, I can’t think of something to make him.  Awesome.

D–a weighted blanket.  He’s our running-tripping-bouncing-punching kind of kid, so I think he’s going to dig having a weighted blanket thrown over him at night.  I have a hunch that this is going to help him sleep better.  Even as a small baby, he constantly wanted to be up against our chests.  We couldn’t put him down or else he would cry for hours.  (That was a big learning moment as a mom:  every baby has different needs.  Give them what they need.)  So, a weighted blanket it is for him.  I think he’s going to love it–once he’s tried it.

E– once upon a time, my mom kept my awesome childhood toys and perfectly preserved them in their attic.  I’ve got a ridiculous amount of Cabbage Patch dolls that E can have, a baby stroller, a baby high chair, and a Sylvania house–complete with the little animal families!  I thought that this Christmas I would make E a set of “Our Family” peg dolls people.  I could buy the 3 1/2″ wooden dolls to represent me and my husband, and then I could use the little 2 3/8″ dolls to make each of the kids.  She could then use the Sylvania house for the “Our Family” set of peg dolls.  I am SO excited to do this, I can’t even tell you.  Glasses for the husband, a little tie painted on–it’s going to be ADORABLE.

B– this poor little guy has been using his sister’s taggie blanket I made.  Bright pink and green–he needs something a little more…masculine.  I just happened to have some of the boy-themed minky left, and I plan on making him a little square taggie blanket with a crinkly center.  How to get that crinkly center?  A cereal bag sewn into the inside.  He’s obsessed with his sister’s taggie blanket at the moment, so I’m hoping he digs his boyish taggie blanket even more.


As for the husband, well, I googled “how to make a chilled pillow,” but I didn’t have any luck.  He hates warm pillows.


On a related note:  I like this philosophy for what to give at Christmas.  



Merry Autumn, ya’ll!