Well, we have almost officially made it through Week 2 of the anti-candida diet.  (For those new to the show, anti-candida diet is a diet devoid of sugars and carbohydrates in an effort to starve the body of excess yeast in the small intestine.)

Tomorrow is payday which means…grocery shopping day!

And due to the amount of fresh veggies we’ll need to have on hand, my normal “monthly” shopping trip will now change to a weekly shopping trip–I’m nervous.

AND this next month will have FIVE WEEKS before we get paid again.

So….I have a budget of about $100.00 a week in order to feed the family.  And multiply that by five weeks…yeah.  I HATE five-week pay periods.  Really do.


So, I sat down today and made out a menu plan for the week.  Tomorrow evening I will go shopping, so Saturday will officially start the week long plan.

This menu plan simply includes dinners.  Breakfast for us lately has just included eggs (I’m SICK of ’em!), and lunches will include some sort of chopped up meat with veggies and cottage cheese.

Saturday–  Chopped Salad

Ingredients needed:  Romaine lettuce, cucumber, bacon, tomato, carrots, chicken breasts, avocado, shredded cheese, green onion.
Sunday–  Crock Pot Chicken and veggies

Ingredients needed:  Nothing.  I still have veggies and a whole chicken in the deep freeze from the last trip.  Hooray!


Monday–  Lettuce Wrap Tacos  (SO excited!)

Ingredients needed:  Boston or Butter lettuce, hamburger, green onion, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, lime.

Note:  The recipe calls for ground turkey (which I’m down with), but the husband might boycott this diet if I choose turkey over hamburger.


Tuesday–  Meatloaf with veggies

Ingredients needed:  Nothing!  I’ve got a meatloaf already made in the deep freeze along with veggies


Wednesday–  Chicken (marinated in olive oil and apple cider vinegar with some spices–I have all of these on hand!) with salad

Ingredients needed:  Chicken breasts, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, green onions, bacon.


Thursday–   Pork Chops with veggie plate and cottage cheese

Ingedients needed:  Pork chops, cucumbers, bell pepper, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery


Friday– Salad

Ingredients needed:  Lettuce, cucumbers, bell pepper, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery.
Friday evening, I will go shopping for the next week.

Because I keep my receipts from several months of grocery trips, I’ve even managed to estimate what my bill might be if I ONLY shop at Aldi this week.


Bacon– $2.99 (x2) =  $5.98

Carrots–  $.99


(5 lbs.) hamburger– $11.29

(3) Bell peppers–  $.99

Milk– $2.00

Eggs (x3)– unknown price

Pork Chops– $5.29

Cottage cheese–  unknown price

Lettuce–  unknown price

Broccoli– unknown price

Cucumbers– unknown price

Chicken breasts–  $5.29/3 lb. bag

Lime– unknown price

Cilantro–unknown price (never seen it at Aldi–might have to pick it up at another store, but it’s really cheap)

Ah, the unknowns make me nervous, but I’m hoping everything is UNDER $100.00 so that I have money left over for the next week.


So, adding up what I have listed, it’s a grand total of…$34.13.  WOW!


Now…if breakfast consists of eggs everyday, I’m going to estimate that the kids and myself will go through 2-3 cartons of eggs a week.

Lunch is going to consist of chopped up chicken, cottage cheese, and some veggies.  I don’t think that’s going to throw me too much further up in the spending.

I WILL be purchasing some “Sun Butter” from Wal-mart (it’s like peanut butter but made with sunflower seeds instead) so that the boys can have celery and “peanut butter.”
If I could keep our weekly budget to $50.00, I’d be STOKED! 

I’ve always been a person who thinks eating healthier means spending more.  Veggies, however, are NOT expensive in the whole scheme of things.  Meat and cheese will be the two most expensive items, but I think it’s the pasta and crappy snacks that really add up.

Anyways–I’m on a goal to keep this week’s budget as CHEAP as possible.  And if I can hit $50.00 a week, I’ll be happy.


Details tomorrow night after the spree!